Headed up by the camera-shy Candice Herne, this hinterland-based floral design company has been going above and beyond for clients and businesses for eight years. 

1. Please tell us about your business.

I began my floral design business in 2014 and I’m self-taught.  My background is visual arts, design and event management.  I have a 35-year history working in all sorts of media/mediums, exhibiting work all over Australia, focussing on photography, installation work and community arts. 

One of my proudest achievements is starting the Young Entrepreneurs stall at Montville Market, which is a wonderful creative outlet, and it’s still going.

I’ve always been fascinated by sculptural elements: interior design, playing with perspective, colour dimension. I began playing around with flowers, artistically, and thought I would put them outside the newsagent in Montville, for fun, and people loved them, so the business grew from there organically. Now we do weddings and gifts and events, and work with local businesses in this area on a regular basis.

My first peak into floral art was when I lived in Spain and worked closely with Spanish mummas and elders, who taught me ancient traditional skills working with native wild curry flowers that grew on terraced mountains. 

2. What made you move to the hinterland? 

I was born in Mackay, travelled around Australia for a year, and I worked in Europe. I moved here because it’s the best of both worlds, there is a very European village feel, with green rolling hills, and it’s filled with local producers and lots of flower farms whom I have a great relationship with.  I’ve tried to build a sustainable business using local produce the majority of the time. 

 3. What do you enjoy the most about your business? 

I love working with the community; collaborating with businesses. I’ve worked with the Montville Newsagency, Montville IGA and Secrets on the Lake, building a sustainable business for weddings, During Covid, we started doing elopements and intimate weddings, which has proven to be very successful and has continued to grow.

I love making wedding bouquets and arbours: creating feeds my soul on every level. Flowers create an energy and a beautiful experience, and I’m an absolute die-hard romantic, so this is the perfect work for me!

 4. What does a ‘typical’ day entail for you or your team?

It’s a bit like cooking – it’s all in the preparation. Prepping flowers, going to flower farms, conditioning the flowers, reflexing roses (turning the petals inside out so they change from a little rose into a full blooming rose) – lots of admin and emails, quoting, keeping the website and social pages up to date. I have two incredible people who work for me on a casual basis who have helped me grow my business, Deb Davis and Akiko Yoshioka Lepper.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’ve been studying jazz for the last two years with Tobias from Merzing Vocal Studio, and going to The Dance Academy in Maleny. I danced for 15 years when I was young.  I am also interested in tribal cultures, ritual and ceremonies, and would like to finish my degree in Cultural Anthropology.

I love having coffee and catching up with friends when I can, and spending as much time as possible with my beautiful children.

6. If you had to share any advice connected to your business, what would it be? 

Art is life.

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