We all get very “busy” in life “doing our thing” but often we find ourselves among the chaos of everyday life, family, goals and so on going nowhere. It’s like being stuck in the mud with our tyres spinning and mud flying everywhere, yet for all of our expended energy we haven’t moved. We’ve all been there and what I’ve learned to combat this is there is an immense amount of power that comes from listening to my inner being. We have been designed with the power of intuition and yet the still small voice that speaks within us is far too often overlooked and underrated. We’re amazing creations and our minds are constantly experiencing signs we don’t even consciously recognise. It then processes this secret language and speaks to us through our “little voice”. It literally helps us navigate situations, but how do we learn to hear it more accurately and consistently?

First of all, take a moment and think about the last time you made a decision and knew it was wrong. The “knowing it was wrong” was your little voice. Here’s a simple example: I enjoy coffee and when I hear “don’t have another because it’ll make you feel anxious” after I’ve already had one, but go against my “little voice”, I regret it. This is a perfect illustration of learning to listen to our internal guidance system that is always speaking. The question is are we listening?

Second, stop as you’ll never hear your little voice if you don’t know how to press the pause button within your life. Prayer, meditation and journalling are all exceptionally useful tools to use to hear your “little voice”. These are all non-negotiable in my daily scheduled activities and I refer to them all as my time to quiet my mind and thrive. Try including them and I guarantee you will see an improvement in your entire life. 

Next component for helping you listen to yourself more keenly is to do the practical basics such as getting enough sleep, exercising, getting back to nature and eating healthily. When you feel the urge to do any of these it’s most likely your little voice giving you a gentle nudge. When we sleep we heal and it allows our unconscious mind to filter the day’s worries and problems. Research shows that rest and getting back to nature helps our overall wellness and opens our mind to a more positive outlook. If you want to live a happier life, give your little voice the breathing space to speak.

Finally, understand that following your intuition is a brave, faith-filled act as you’re regularly moving on things you don’t see but ultimately I believe it brings the right results. Paying attention and trusting our little voice carries clarity, authenticity and truth, and when we listen closely to the still, small voice within us we reap all of the rewards of engaging in this action.  

God bless, Kerrie.


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