A former medical researcher and paramedic, Dr Paul Baker, has joined Ochre Medical Centre Eumundi and he brings a wealth of emergency medicine and more general experience to the practice. 

Dr Baker moved to the Sunshine Coast with his family in 2017, and will practice at Ochre four days a week, while keeping up his emergency medicine practice via a weekly Intensive Care Unit shift at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital. 

Away from work, Dr Baker is an avid astronomer and astrophotographer. “I was always interested in science as a kid and when I was 13 my parents bought me a telescope. Now I use telescopes and camera lenses to capture the beauty of the cosmos, photographing objects that are millions of light years away.”

Dr Baker’s favourite photo is one he took of the Rho Ophiuchi, a constellation of nebulas in the Sagittarius constellation near the centre of the Milky Way.  

In order to take the photograph, Dr Baker had to wait for a clear night during the three months of the year Rho Ophiuchi can clearly be seen, and use a camera cooled to -10°C. 

“It’s not just one click,” he explains, “it’s a composite of hundreds of photos that are exposed from 30 seconds to five minutes depending on how faint the object is. Then you have to load them into a computer program that stacks and integrates them and brings colours out.”

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