In the mythical European Grand Duchy of Pontevedria, things are not going well. Their wealthiest citizen has recently died, and his attractive young widow is in Paris, seeking a new husband. 

If, heaven forbid, she were to marry a foreigner, and withdraw her wealth from the Bank of Pontevedria, the Principality may be bankrupted! So it has instructed its Ambassador in Paris to ensure that at any cost, the Merry Widow marries a Pontevedrian.

So commences the plot of the Maleny Singers 2022 production of Franz Lehar’s ever-popular light opera, The Merry Widow.  It is set and costumed in the 1920s to give the ladies in the cast a chance to show off those magnificent 1920s costumes. And despite being written 120 years ago, Lehar’s familiar waltz melodies are likely to have audiences dancing in the aisles. 

But perhaps the greatest thrill of community theatre is discovering the hidden talents of people we know and love, and once again the Maleny Singers does not disappoint. Viera Keogh’s magnificent voice carries the title role to perfection, while tenors Rod Johnson and Colin Dunn press their suits in polished fashion.

Ian McMaster struts the stage as the pompous Ambassador, with Ian Rix as his long suffering aide, while his much younger wife (Evalee Sharples) carries on a liaison behind his back. 

Of course COVID restrictions have not made rehearsing the show easy, but regular fans will not be surprised to hear that Musical Director Margaret Taylor has not let the constraints lower her musical standards. Do not miss this musical treat!

The show will be on at the Maleny Community Centre on 11 ,12, 18 and 19 June. Tickets from or the Maleny Information Centre. 

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