The Range Community Kindergarten has opened its arms once again as Covid restrictions have eased. Being a community kindergarten, they have really missed the vital part of connection with families over the past two years. 

Covid-19 restrictions have limited the quality and quantity of interactions between the kindy, the families and their local community – even having to restrict parents/carers from entering the kindergarten room at times. 

“We were so very happy to be able to invite families, and extended families, to kindy for the usual special end-of-term celebrations. We had missed the simple joy of watching the children dancing the Hokey Pokey with their families, and sharing time together picnicing in our beautiful kindy yard,” said Margaret Lamb, the director of Range Community Kindergarten.

While email, notices on bulletin boards, and newsletters can keep people informed, there’s nothing like face-to-face interactions to build strong connections. The management committee that runs the kindergarten worked very hard to maintain connections over the past two years. 

Dr Nita C Lester, the kindy vice president, provided the essential link so that all office bearers of the committee could keep focused upon the values that make this kindy so very special. 

Nita said, “I have worked with other kindergartens in the past but the Range Community Kindergarten is the most impressive. Congratulations to all staff and volunteering parents.”

Blackall Range Lions members, along with other community members, have provided support over the last two years through time given to the maintenance of the gardens and buildings, as well as essential fundraising projects.

Nita and Margaret said it is wonderful to see all the different generations contributing.

The kindy staff are looking forward to reengaging with the local community. The timely visits to Mapleton State School, the Mapleton Observatory, story sessions at the Mapleton Community Library and visiting the Mapleton Post Office are back in the planning. 

“Wave to us as we reconnect with the community,” smiled Margaret.

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