It seems like it takes a lot of energy in these extraordinary days of a global pandemic, war, natural disasters and other life happenings to not be pulled down by negativity. These things are very real and are constantly being pushed at us through the 24/7 availability of news and the noise of social media. In the past few years there seems to be an endless barrage of circumstances that have been quite tiring and have left a lot of us feeling lost, confused and hopeless, but I’m telling you my “brave hearts” that we can fight back with an attitude of gratitude.   

Take a good look around and you’ll still see there’s beauty to be found everywhere, even among all of the craziness we’ve been enduring, through the acts of kindness – whether small or big. Take a deep breath and don’t be too hard on yourself or others as we all navigate the chaos together. None of us are perfect but we can have perfect moments among the turmoil. Life is beautiful and though it surely has its challenges, staying mindful of the gift of life itself keeps us more grateful. Don’t allow the things you might currently see going on around you keep you down or make you feel negative about life, and most importantly don’t let whining, gossip and complaining begin to seep into your soul because it can be a very slippery slope that’s difficult to stop when you start.  Fight the good fight of fear and negativity with faith and hopefulness.

Another essential thing to do, especially during tough times, is to take care of you and avoid any bad habits such as too much alcohol, sugar, poor diet, social media, news and lack of sleep. Staying disciplined and focused on the things you can control, doing your best and letting the things outside your control drop away is a really good strategy called “controlling the controllables”. The journey of life and the world we live in are constantly changing, so expecting things to stay the same is naive, but seeing it all through a more expansive lens helps you realise that difficulties and challenges change also and the sun rises each new day.

If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or tired from the past few years, I hear you. But I believe it’s time for us to make a valuable decision and turn the page as the season we’ve been living through is changing and it’s time to stamp out any remaining negativity and replace it with appreciation and thankfulness. Let’s kick pessimism, complaining or unreasonableness to the curb and instead choose to be expectant of good things. Life is what we make so let’s make it overflow with thankfulness. No one’s life is perfect but there are always perfect moments so let’s opt to celebrate those and continue to be grateful and not let negativity gain any momentum in our one-of-a-kind precious life. 

God bless.


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