With all the noise in this world around social media, text messages, phone calls, emails and technology, have you ever felt like just disconnecting and going under a rock for a while? I know I have and it’s mostly because of the times we’re living in. Among pandemics, natural disasters, rumours of war, 24/7 connection, an overload of information and so on, never before have a lot of us felt more alone. We are living in a society seemingly overrun with too much of everything but not enough of taking care of ourselves. 

I believe wholeheartedly in being informed but not at the detriment of our image (spirit, soul and body) care. We don’t have to consume all the news, podcasts, social media, emails or any of the other momentary communication that hits us. It’s time to stop, create boundaries, clear the distractions and choose to limit the bombardment and clutter that is more than likely overwhelming your mind.

Time limits are keys to your success because we never create our dreams and live our purpose by only consuming others’ lives.  Imagine what you could you do with all of that that extra time – write a book, get fit, learn a new skill, cook healthy meals, read more, start a hobby, learn to meditate, join a community group, volunteer … the list is endless. 

I’m not suggesting you close yourself off to everything because there’s a lot of inspiring, educational and informative things out there, but there are also a lot of time wasters. Create “free time” zones and once your time’s up, you’re done. I have established in my own life “weekend social media blackouts” and I highly recommend them as they’re wonderful for your soul. It’s imperative amid all of life’s happenings that we stay conscious of mind clutter.  

Finally, think about habits you can put into action to help you maintain good mind health such as meditation, prayer, journalling, nature walks, mindfulness, yoga/pilates, creative activities and so many others to keep your mind overflowing with clarity and goodness. There’s a lot continually competing for our attention these days but with some restrictions and insight we have the potential to produce a brighter future filled with far less mind clutter and much more freedom.

God bless, Kerrie.



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