Transformation Tree Wellness and Therapy Centre is a welcome hub for healing and therapies in Mapleton. Kate and Amanda met with the HT to share more about their centre’s point of difference. 

“Given the recent challenges of the past few years with the fires, the pandemic, the increase in domestic violence and now the floods, the stress, anxiety, fear and depression circulating amongst our wider community is taking its toll on people,” Kate shared.

“These challenges have also brought about an increased awakening within people and communities, leading people to explore their spiritual natures, sometimes for the first time, and sometimes in greater depth.

“We wanted a platform for awakened practitioners with health, self-awareness and wellness services for people looking for traditional and alternative therapies, or a blend of both.”

Transformation Tree practitioners are well versed in traditional therapies such as psychotherapy, counselling and NLP/Timeline® coaching, as well as metaphysics, energy healing, breathwork, spiritual and yogic practices. 

Kate admitted she often feels inspired by the people who walk through the Transformation Tree doors. “I feel that when people seek support on their path, it shows the intrinsic desire to create the best version of themselves. It shows resilience of spirit and demonstrates the quality of self-reflection and self-determination.”

Amanda continued, “At Transformation Tree we create a supportive space for each individual client to evolve in their own way.  We do this because we know the courage it takes to become self-aware, break through fear and create the best version of themselves possible, so they can be free. They are inspirational!”

Both Kate and Amanda agreed they love the community and connections they are creating. “The Sunshine Coast has been my  home for over 14 years,” said Kate. “I am passionate about the land and the community here and couldn’t think of a better place to bring our work to light.”

“We meet our clients where they are, without judgement,” said Amanda.” In this way, no matter what service they engage with at Transformation Tree, they can be assured we are there to assist them to move from their current state of awareness to their desired state.”

The team supports people on a vast spectrum, from people needing psychological support to people on a spiritual awakening journey, and welcome diversity.

“We support NDIS participants, people with Mental Health Plans and those who self-refer across all areas of our business,” said Kate.

“We have partnerships with Allied Health Professionals in various modalities and believe in the value of cross-referral to create a strong community.”

They also hold monthly silent half-day retreats, and free women’s gatherings once a month, “to support each other and connect,” added Amanda. (Details are on the website.)  

“Self-Care is a big part of our practice,” continued Kate, “so in our spare time, we do the things that nourish us, from bushwalking to creative arts.”

As the chat concluded, Kate shared a much-loved quote from Alan Watts, which sums up the essence of Transformation Tree.

“Are you here now? Are you really here?  You see, most people aren’t. They’re bothering about yesterday and wondering about what they’re going to do tomorrow.  People need to be completely alert, and available for the present – because that’s the only place you’re ever going to be.”

Transformation Tree Wellness and Therapy Centre, Shop 6, 3 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton / 0492 877 228 /

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