The Curious Kids Can program was created in Eudlo by teacher and mentor Elissa Seib. Her aim? To emotionally empower kids and celebrate their individuality.

by Jacqui Hensel

Elissa is a warm, intuitive and charismatic person who has spent her professional life inspiring kids to empower themselves. Her openness, zest for life and love of nature have a positive impact on those around her, and her life-path has drawn her to many contrasting communities, where she found the similarities out-weighed the differences.

Fresh out of university Elissa was appointed to a 12-month teaching post at Goodooga Central School in outback NSW, teaching Indigenous kids. 

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Elissa then accepted a second teaching appointment in a Lebanese school in Sydney. Although these communities were very different from each other, she found the kids in both often struggled with communication.

“In my early days of teaching, the kids at both Goodooga and St Charbel’s were often frustrated and struggled to communicate with me,” Elissa explains. 

However, through effective non-verbal communication and observing their body language, Elissa learnt to respect these forms of communication and subtly incorporated these skills into her Personal Awareness Program. 

“In both of these places I learned so much and it made me realise that I wanted to help kids. 

“Both of these communities were so accepting of me. The experiences I had enriched my life so much and the food from the Lebanese community was so delicious!” Elissa shares with relish.

After a number of years  in Sydney, Elissa returned to Queensland and settled at Eudlo in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

It was here in Eudlo that Curious Kids Can was formed. “My house was right on the edge of the rainforest and it was such a beautiful place that I decided to share it with my kids. 

“We would go for a walk there and it was a great way to reset. I was there for 18 years and recently decided to relocate to Maleny. So the rainforest walk became the Mountain View Walk,” Elissa explains.

Elissa’s unique teaching experiences became the foundation of her mentoring business Curious Kids Can. She developed her signature Personal Awareness Program based on her personal and professional experiences and caters for school age children. 

“I really want to nurture and strengthen kids’ emotional intelligence so they can become confident and competent lifelong learners. I knew I had the skill set thanks to my early days of being a teacher,” says Elissa.  

“Empowering kids instead of ‘telling them what to do’ allows them to take ownership of their own thoughts, actions, and goals. With this in hand, kids are more likely to ‘have a go’ without shame or embarrassment. I also never liked being told what to do when I was young,” chuckles Elissa.

Curious Kids Can is an intimate one-on-one Covid-safe personal mentoring service, dedicated to nurturing and strengthening emotional intelligence.

“The Personal Awareness Program is taking the time to really get to know each other in a respectful way. Each program is individualised. 

“Kids can be so self-aware, they know what they need and what skills they have. My program is holistic, in that the child’s parents are crucial for the success of their child,” explains Elissa.  

“Throughout the eight week program, kids at Curious Kids Can become more confident, self-assured and willing to ‘have a go’ at any new strategy I introduce to them. 

“If they are not ready to talk they know to head straight to the self-empowering Think Tank challenges where they actually empower themselves.”

Now Elissa is located in the beautiful Maleny area, she is able to take advantage of the wonderful scenery. 

“The most important conversations, however, happen on the Mountain View Walk”, she shares.

“The Mountain View Walk ‘clears the air’ and makes it easier to transition into the structured component of the Personal Awareness Program. Rain, hail or shine the Mountain View walk is rarely cancelled,” shares Elissa.

Elissa’s family grew up in Brisbane, but were on the Sunshine Coast every weekend, often stopping for lunch at the Maleny Hotel. It was these early visits that drew Elissa back to the area to settle.

“Every time I go past the Maleny Hotel now, I can see myself and my family sitting on the deck having a counter lunch… ah, the good ol’ days!” she laughs. “In fact I think that that’s what drew me back to the Sunshine Coast.

“I was always drawn to the bush. Also, my dad went to school at the Maleny State High School and was a bit of a handful, according to what I’ve heard,” Elissa says with a big smile.  

Elissa’s qualifications include a Master of Education in Children’s Literature, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education, a Diploma in Education K-6 and a Certificate in Religious Education. 

More information on Elissa’s Personal Awareness Program can be found on the Curious Kids Can website.  Elissa can be contacted by email

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