After stints in Dalby, Stanthorpe and Adelaide, Dr Talisha Condon is relishing settling back into the Sunshine Coast with her husband after joining the Ochre Medical Centres in Maleny and Montville. 

“It’s the best of both worlds, especially in the hinterland area,” she says. “We are close to everything but it has that rural, smaller community vibe we’re looking for”. 

A primary school teacher, her Adelaide-born husband is enjoying the warmth of his new home “except the occasional heat waves!”. 

The couple plan to stay in the area permanently. “I always wanted to move back closer to my family – my grandparents are on the Sunshine Coast too, it’s nice to be closer to them and help them out a little as well.”

Dr Condon has known she wanted to be a GP since childhood. She completed the John Flynn scholarship program during university, spending her holidays at a rural GP clinic with a mentor. “That confirmed that yes, GP was where I wanted to go.”

She went on to spend her clinical years in rural GP practices, enjoying the variety and getting to know patients. “I love following everyone through and seeing people across generations,” she says. “I’ve had lots of patients that I really enjoy!”

Her special areas of interest include children’s health, women’s health and preventative healthcare. 

“I really enjoy working with someone to make a difference to their health. I’ve had a couple of patients with diabetes lately that have stood out. Both worked really hard to get their diabetes back under control, reduce their medications and improve how they were feeling. 

“I supported them by seeing them more frequently, helping them to understand their condition, set goals and know that they could take control.”

Dr Condon also enjoys skin work, providing skin checks and management as required. She’s committed to encouraging patients to be proactive about their skin checks. 

“Many people don’t come in until they notice something themselves. If you check often, you can catch it early.” 

When she’s not at work, Dr Condon loves being outdoors. “I enjoy exploring national parks whenever the weather is fine – I grew up doing hikes”. 

But she truly comes alive talking about water sports. “My passion is water skiing- I grew up in a family that does it – but I’ll give anything and everything a go! Our favourite camping spot is near Kilcoy for water sports, but we love trying new places too.”

Dr Talisha Condon is accepting new patients. She will be practising at Ochre Medical Centre Maleny on Mondays and Fridays and at Ochre Medical Centre Montville on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Wednesdays. 

Image: Dr Talisha Condon

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