An active social life in your older years makes you happier, healthier and may even help you live longer.

Social interaction is vital for our mental, physical and emotional health. Particularly for older adults who may be more isolated in their day-to day-lives, staying social can lower the risk of many chronic health conditions, keep the brain healthy, the body stronger and reduce depression and anxiety. 

Local not-for-profit care provider Glasshouse Country Care run a social group program and General Manager Clare Mullins sees the positive impacts of an active social life every day. 

“We have many clients who live on their own or have mobility issues that affect their ability to get out and about. 

“Our group are picked up from their homes and taken home in the afternoon which makes it easy for everyone to come along and enjoy themselves. They have a lot of fun and some really lovely friendships have been made.” 

The Glasshouse Country Care program includes a variety of activities in their Beerwah  centre and day trips around the Sunshine Coast. 

The group’s outings this month include shopping trips, a high tea picnic and a day out to Kenilworth Dairies. 

“We also have a Sunset Social each month which is very popular,” said Clare. “Clients get to enjoy twilight with a drink, some nibbles and maybe even a dance before being  dropped home later in the evening.” 

The program is a subsidised service offered through the Commonwealth Home  Support Program available to anyone aged 65 and over, with a cost of generally only $15 to $20 for the day, including transport. 

“Everyone is welcome. Some of our group are in their 60s, some are into their 90s.  Some come along once a month, others come several times a week. 

“The important thing is that it’s never too late to make new friends and have a good time.” 

For more information on joining their social group contact Glasshouse Country Care  on 07 5494 6948.

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