Hello from the Flowerpot Coffee Shop in Crystal Waters Eco Village, near Conondale! We’re halfway between Maleny and Kenilworth, on your way to, say, enjoying a day at Booloumbah Creek and Conondale National Park. Here are five reasons why a stop at the Flowerpot is worth your time:
1. Good Coffee and Good Internet Connection The Flowerpot was started by a barista, and between her and Montville Coffee’s supportive training, quality coffee is always a priority.

2. Wide-Open, Outdoor Seating Beautiful, shaded space to spread out on our outdoor deck and sprawling village green. Your children can play, and your mind can relax.

3. Home-cooked, Flavourful Menu We bake almost all our desserts to be gluten-free – although they taste so good, you wouldn’t be able to tell. We use greens, fruits and vegetables straight from the garden or from Queensland farms at every opportunity to add nutrition and variety: in our curries, soups, wraps, toasties, buddha bowls, homemade condiments, breakfast menu, smoothies, and even desserts (don’t tell Uncle Bart!).

4. Triple-Bottomed Line While we are currently operating as “Takeaways Only,” we are determined to have as low of an environmental impact as possible. All our disposable takeaways are made from biodegradable materials, and as we have from day one, all kitchen food waste comes home with us to our compost heaps – never in a bin.  

5. Welcoming and Kind Service At the Flowerpot, we don’t have to pretend to want to make you feel at home. Come back a few times, and we will know your name!

Come by on our new opening days: Thursday through Monday, 8.30am-2.30pm, at Unit 1, 65 Kilcoy Lane (Crystal Waters), Conondale 4552. 

The Maleny-Kenilworth Road route is recommended, and this is a Land for Wildlife area, so please no dogs. 

Send a message at “Flowerpot Coffee Shop” or call Ally at 0499822756 for more information.


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