Open Studios Sunshine Coast kicks off on March 18, giving the opportunity for locals and visitors alike to connect with over 70 artists in their coastal or hinterland studio hideaways!

Intriguingly, these range from backyard sheds to shipping containers, warehouses, gallery studios and some glorious garden retreats.  

Open Studios is an unparalleled event in the region and the initiative of Arts Connect Inc. whose President, Gretchen Keelty, says “Visitors delight in being able to connect and communicate directly with the artists and to see the diversity of talent tucked away. 

“This year’s registrants include ceramicists, painters, printmakers, jewellers, textile  artists, woodworkers, photographers, and sculptors.

“It’s an opportunity for the public to access the normally private creative space, where artists find their inspiration, experiment and conceive new works. We find visitors come to the region to stay across the two weekends and really immerse themselves in the program, and the scenery.” 

In between, the five weekdays of numerous hands-on workshops afford participants the opportunity to learn new skills, express their own creativity and engage  directly with artists. As a form of cultural tourism, the support to the arts and greater community is priceless. 

Collect a copy of the stunning Art Trail Guide to plan your days. Guides are available at Visitor Information Centres, Sunshine Coast Airport, art galleries, and local cafes and businesses.You can also access the  trail guide online and download a trail planner at (Pictured is DELIQUESCE The Flow, by Rachel Pedrana.)

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