Nature has been known for centuries to have healing properties held within it.  It has a restorative effect on our self-love and we sense something greater when we witness it. These days, however, it is far too easy to be disconnected from nature as we’re constantly surrounded by technology, screens, mobile phones, social media and so much more. Yet it’s a proven fact that getting outside for some fresh air is far better for you, so if that’s not a good excuse to go for a walk more often or enjoy outdoor activities I don’t know what is, especially in this unprecedented Covid climate.  Nature is exceptionally powerful and ultimately can be life-changing to who we are and our way of life. 

Time spent in nature provides us many returns including supporting our hormonal well-being, increasing our immunity, boosting gratitude, soothing our nervous system, helping our sleep, easing chronic stress, increasing our vitamin intake and calming anxieties. Nature is our super power and when we’re in it we tend to breathe more deeply and receive many of these benefits from it on a cellular level while promoting a deep sense of wellness, restoration and balance within our being. 

Studies have found that time spent in nature – and for those of us who are blessed to live on the Sunny Coast, we have an overflowing supply of it all around us – creates within us more positivity, inspiration and hope-filled days. Something as simple as a walk along the beach, a nature track or – if you’re unable to walk – just sitting outside under a tree or near the ocean and being present can provide a spark of creativity, connection and belonging. Nature has a way of getting us out of our head and into our heart. It nurtures the life within us to awaken and arise as we listen more deeply to the voice within that often gets tuned out by the noise of the very loud world we currently live in. Nature makes available the quiet we so often crave. 

Create a new daily habit of including nature, even if it’s only for 10-30 minutes. Making time for nature is making time for you and as you do this your heart and mind will begin to see life differently. You’ll be more alive than ever before and it will soon become a non-negotiable routine in your everyday life.  

Here are some ideas to get you going: take a walk, go to a local park and sit under a tree, mediate, journal outside, go to the beach and deep breathe, take a coastal sunset stroll, do a morning power walk around the neighborhood, explore your community and those nearby, or take a stroll after dinner and look at the stars. Nature relaxes and restores our inner being and with its inclusion it can make a very big difference to our overall health and happiness. Experience the power of nature therapy; you’ll be glad you did. 

God bless, Kerrie.


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