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With another crazy, unpredictable and incredibly challenging year behind us, I thought the best way to move forward would be to lay down some positive and light-hearted predictions for the year that lays ahead of us. Bring on 2022!

In 2021, the beer world saw some big names sell up, namely Stone & Wood, and nationally we saw new breweries continue to open as the rise of craft beer continued. Plenty of new beer styles and variations hit the market, along with some styles gaining some serious momentum. But what will we see more of in 2022?

The demand for sours continues and this is especially noticeable as we hit the peak of our summer. Brouhaha’s Strawberry Rhubarb Sour arguably sets the standard, and with the completion of its new production brewery in Aura it might just be able to keep up with the demand for this cracker of a beer. Also keep an eye out on 10 Toes’ Culture Kick series, Boiling Pot’s Guava Sour and Glass House Brewery’s Raspberry Sour, which are all gaining local popularity.

A new style to hit the market last year was the cold IPA. Already popular throughout the US, this beer features a lighter malt body more like a lager and uses lager yeast fermented at a slightly warmer temperature. Tasting clean and crisp with mild bitterness, this style is already proving a winner, with Moffat Beach and Eumundi both releasing one late last year. One to watch in 2022. 

Ginger beer is also fast becoming a big seller at taprooms at most of our Sunshine Coast breweries. Perfect for the non-beer drinker, it is often gluten free and super refreshing – which means beer drinkers are getting on board as well! Locally, check out Tilly from Your Mates, Terella, Diablo, 10 Toes and pretty much every brewery and bar on the Coast for your ginger beer fix.

While we don’t have a local offering yet, the huge rise of zero-alcohol beers (along with gin and wine) continues to amaze most people, myself included. Check out offerings from Heaps Normal, Nort and Sobah. Let’s also place bets on the first Sunshine Coast brewery to release one.

And finally, what about seltzers? Simply put, it’s sparkling water with alcohol and flavour added. The alcohol can be derived from malted barley, which is why you see it available at your local brewery, but often it is spiked with spirits like gin or vodka. Let’s just leave that one in 2021, shall we?

With a bumpy start to the year having a massive effect on our tourism and hospitality sectors, remember to support your local breweries, distilleries, bars and restaurants as they are a huge part of our local region. Support local business, drink local beer.


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