Well I didn’t think this year was going to start out like this but the truth is I’m currently waiting for my Covid test to come back and I’m not feeling very well at all. There is so much confusion, frustration and anger around that, I think it’s a good time to remember “every cloud has a silver lining”.

What do I mean? The reality of life is that we can only control what we do and think. How we act, react and process situations is very important, especially during a global pandemic. For me and probably a lot of others right now, making sure you’re drinking enough fluids, eating as well as you can, getting good rest and keeping your attitude right are essential right now. And my most valuable suggestion is to keep looking for the silver lining in this Covid cloud.

Silver linings can be your dog sensing something’s wrong and staying closer to you than usual, a spouse or a friend making you a meal or bringing you a care package, your child softly touching your forehead wanting you to feel better and so on. Quite often it’s in the worst of times that we witness the best of humanity and these are the moments we all need to look for and hang on to. As a child you may be surprised to know I had more negative than positive influences in my life and I was more prone to see the negative rather than the positive, so I know it’s not easy if you have the propensity to see things this way. But with practice you can retrain your brain.

This global pandemic has affected us all in many different ways and we’re probably all guilty of reacting poorly in some way, shape or form to how it’s been handled – mandates, borders, masks, so on and so forth. But unfortunately most of these discussions, debates and ideas haven’t changed much throughout this turbulent season. So I’ve made the conscious decision in this new year to be a silver lining to those I can, and to observe others doing that for others. Believe me, you won’t have to search very far to see just how many ways there are we can help during this unprecedented time. It’ll make your heart overflow with hope when those silver linings come into view.  

Clouds eventually always pass and this one will too but for now maybe the silver lining to this incredibly difficult season is to make us more kind, compassionate and aware of how we can all help others in some way. If you want a silver lining you need to become one and when you do, you will see the world around you transform into a better place. 

Happy new year everyone. We’ve got this!

God bless, Kerrie.

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