Asteria is the Titan goddess of falling stars and night-time divinations; Asteria’s Fall is the new band of talented Queensland youth to watch out for. 

by Rebecca Mugridge

Asteria’s Fall burst onto the music scene this year to great rapport and it is only their first year together as a band.

Fronted by showstopping lead singer Charli Caldwell, with a background in choir and musical theatre, the band comes alive with authentic sound thanks to skilled guitarists Victoria Jones (lead), Kate Bannah (rhythm) and Mia Vallejo (bass) and talented Tully Wilson on drums.

What draws you in the most about Asteria’s Fall, isn’t just the musical sounds – it is the energy they radiate together on stage. Their connection to each other, as well as to the music. 

Behind it all is Miss Kirsten Drinnen, Nambour State College NACA Music Excellence teacher, a singer, piano player and songwriter in her own right, who knew right away that together they had some music magic. They were the perfect fit for a rock band. 

“I kind of just see that in kids, who would make good combinations,” Kirsten says. In particular, she knew these five would make a great fit together as a band.

“I know all their personality types. It’s always good to have a leader, have someone that is really good at guiding everyone else and personalities that don’t clash with each other too much. They were all the same skill level and good friends. Just a good fit. They all have really encouraged and pushed each other this year too; it just blows me away.”

She smiles proudly at the group. “It was much better than I ever anticipated. They make me very proud.” 

The band chime in at this point: “Miss is very good at her job!” they laugh.

The NACA music program that launched Asteria’s Fall is part of the Nambour State College Academy of Arts which also has drama, dance and art. Kirsten says the group have just completed the year 7-10 NACA Music Excellence Program and next year will undertake certificate III in Music Industry as they move into year 11 and continue the band’s journey.

College Principal Anthony Green is extremely proud of the students that come through and said the programs were co-designed by staff and commenced in 2019.

“We’ve been able to attract some very talented learners and students and the fantastic thing for us at Nambour State College is that it is an opportunity to bring parents, students, staff and community together.

“One of the great things is the reality to be able to go to school and also do one of the things you love, as a hobby or as a passion, that obviously makes the whole experience so much more meaningful,” Principal Green says.

It is this combination of education and arts together, rather than an either/or situation that helps Nambour students in the program follow their dreams and passions along with achieving their high school education and learning about creative industries.

Principal Green explains how the programs are very welcoming to all and give young kids with talent a platform.

“When we have people that are talented, people that are committed, great things can happen. I’m old,” he laughs, “and the talent still never ceases to amaze me.

“One of the things that makes me so proud is you can have talent but it’s the fact that these people are doing something with it. There are so many stories of people that have all this talent, and it doesn’t get developed and they don’t get given the opportunity and then they wonder, what if, what if?

“We are seeing here people being nurtured. These students have the right attitude to have a go. They grow so much as performers and individuals so that is a really humbling experience that we in our school can be just a little part of that.”

2021 has been a success story for Asteria’s Fall performing at the St Andrew’s Anglican College Fair Battle of the Bands and several important school events, like the school’s prestigious Excellence Awards Night which had many special guests, including keynote speaker Jon Coghill, drummer from Powderfinger, who himself is a past Nambour State College student. 

This meant a great deal to the band, who say they will never forget it.

“That was such a cool experience,” shares rhythm guitarist Kate. “The week before we also got to do a workshop with him, with a group of other students as well. It was really special that the NACA program gave us that opportunity.”

Lead singer Charlie adds, “I think it was really helpful to hear him talk about his experiences and how he got there and how you have to just keep fighting for it to get yourself out there.” 

Bass guitarist Mia nods and replies, “Know what you want and keep going for it.” 

“If it is something you are passionate about, you have to just go for it,” smiles Charli. 

You can follow Asteria’s Fall and find out about upcoming gigs on Instagram

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