According to a new State of our Schools survey conducted by the Australian Education Union, NAPLAN impacts teachers’ workload and student’s stress, and is not useful or effective enough to warrant this. In fact, many school principals and teachers are finding NAPLAN outdated.

The survey of public school teachers, principals and education support staff found 73% of principals say that NAPLAN increases teacher workloads; 86% of principals say that it contributes to students’ stress and anxiety, and 59% of principals say it makes no difference to student outcomes. 

The survey also showed that 62% of teachers say that NAPLAN is an ineffective diagnostic tool for teachers.

AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said, “NAPLAN is not fit for purpose in our schools.

“It does not properly assess student outcomes and achievements, nor does it account for the hard work teachers undertake to cater to varying student needs and ensure high quality teaching and learning happens in schools.”

Correna Haythorpe has called for a new national assessment system with a comprehensive program of classroom-based and teacher-led assessments, along with sample-based testing.

“The union and its members must be consulted to develop a framework that puts the needs of students, teachers and parents at the centre of assessment.”

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