Slip out the side door 

At the edge of the bush

Fleeing the Christmas

Of gilded gifts and tinselled tree

Sacrificed turkey

Varnished and trussed.

To the parted grass

Of the wallaby track.

A shout from the house

Freeze like the quarry

Down wind of the forest

…….  Silence  ……..

Reach the deep sides 

Of eucalypt forest

Slalom down 

The dry timbered gully

Breach a rock stream

Tearing its rhythm 

Lulling my feet 

In cold clear crystal.

The climb to the bloodwoods

Sharpens my breath.


Knee- hug


A wallaby scents

….Thud, thud, thud….

In the fading forest

Kookaburras carol

Silent shadows grow.

A Rosella’s bellsong

Stills the evening.

Dark mist eddies

Old branched gums

Cradle the night.

The forest waits 

The birth of new Light.

© Sue Cadell

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