Arts Connect Inc. (ACI) is a not-for-profit organisation based in Maleny which supports artists across the region and organises annual events such as Sculpture on the Edge, Open Studios and artist workshops. New members are always welcome. Visit This month we share the profile of ACI member, Finn Cossar.

At 22 years of age, Sunshine Coast based metal artist, Finn Cossar, has found his calling. Using rusted steel, natural found objects, and experimental tensegrity Smithing, he has found a way to bring to life his meaningful sculptures.

Working as a live events camera operator for the past four years, he experienced a long-awaited artistic reckoning to create – a passion he has had his entire life. The COVID-19 isolation, and subsequent hiatus from live event work, has allowed him to explore his artistic passions and make the sculptures he had always dreamt of. His travels around Australia for work, accompanied with his past inspirations, have set in motion his current artistic style.

His recognition in the last two Sculpture on the Edge exhibitions reinforced his love for sculpture making and ignited a hope for a future career as an artist. Since then, he has used his time to channel his creativity and spent many weeks in concept development to create many large-scale pieces. 

Most recently, he has been commissioned to create a permanent street sculpture, celebrating a rich cultural heritage, to be displayed in the heart of Nambour. 

His recent collection of tensegrity-based sculptures all carry the same message – that balance is an integral part of our ecosystem and without each symbiotic component, the whole ‘sculpture’ would collapse. Finn finds there to be a literal and deeper metaphorical aspect to all his creations that emphasise this message.

Finn intends to create larger and more “awe-inspiring” sculptures with the inspiration he gets from past creators/inventors like Nicola Tesla and Dr Seuss. He hopes to inspire his audience to toy with how the sculptures were made and the endless possibilities of creating something from nothing.

Finn says, “I’ve always made it a priority to never lose that flicker of madness we all have” – and this shows through his works.

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