There’s only one thing more Australian than a meat pie slathered in tomato sauce. Said tomato sauce being homemade and the profits going to charity. 

Welcome to ‘homemade t sauce by donation’, the brainchild of Jamie Hodges of the maleny pie guy. 

“Although I’m not one to add tomato sauce to a pie, I found some people just needed to have it on their pies and sausage rolls,” Jamie says. 

“As I didn’t want to offer store-bought, mass-produced sauce, I thought I’d make my own. And rather than take the money for it, I thought best it go to charity.” Jamie adds, “if you’re going to ruin a perfectly good pie with sauce, you may as well do it for a great cause!”

Since its inception in December 2013, monies raised have recently exceeded $10 000, all going to the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge Society (SCARS), Jamie’s charity of choice. $10 872. 56, to be exact. 

People often ask the maleny pie guy if it’s available bottled, to take home? “No, not yet,” I’m told. 

Although, it would be a great condiment to compliment the new line of the maleny pie guy’s frozen ready-to-bake pies and pasties, currently stocked in Maleny IGA and White’s IGA Baringa store. I am reliably informed there are more savoury delights to come…

Jamie Hodges, has a motto for his business

Life is short. Treat yourself properly. 

Treat. Your. Self. Real.  

With food like his, following this motto is a tasty pleasure, and it’s great to know that by buying ‘t sauce’ we are also supporting SCARS!

You can find The Maleny Pie Guy at 13 Maple Street, Maleny.