Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours

You may have heard me casually refer to our region as Australia’s craft beer capital in the past. Well, now it’s official. We are proudly claiming it and placing a flag in the ground, and with good reason. The Sunshine Coast now has the greatest number of breweries per capita in Australia. 

While the first things that usually spring to mind when visitors think of the Sunshine Coast are our pristine beaches and hinterland, they will also know about our amazing food and drink offerings, which are showcased through our local craft beer scene.

We have an incredibly diverse range of breweries when you consider the various industrial spaces and types of venues, variety of beer styles produced, great restaurants and food truck options, live music and local art featured on the walls – and all of them providing a great meeting place for friends and family to reunite.

What else makes us the best destination for craft beer We have some of the most awarded breweries located right here, including the prestigious title of Australia’s Champion SmallMedium Independent Brewery being awarded to Moffat Beach Brewing Co. It has now been crowned champion brewery three times. Throw in the national recognition from Your Mates’ flagship beer Larry being voted number four in the country, and a swag of gold medal beers across all our breweries, and you can pretty much guarantee a quality drop of beer on the Sunshine Coast.

So, with borders re-opening, it makes sense to let the rest of the country know that the Sunshine Coast is Australia’s craft beer capital. And what better way to announce this than to host Australia’s Biggest Welcome Back Party on Friday, December 17, featuring events spread across our 21 breweries. To top it off, on the night guests at the breweries will have the chance to win a year’s supply of local Sunshine Coast craft beer.

So be sure to join us in a collective cheer as we welcome back family, friends and visitors to our region with a celebration at any of our 21 local breweries. It starts from 4 pm with reunions with family and friends, live music, new beer releases, specials on food and merchandise, and your chance to win a year’s supply of beer. For more information visit craft beer capital. 

There is also an online craft beer trail to help find local breweries and create your own craft beer trail. Or, if you don’t want to drive, hit up Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours to take you behind the scenes to sample beer and learn more about our local industry.

Support local business and drink local beer in Australia’s craft beer capital!

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