Uni- Industries has been a leader in their field of electrical, solar and air-conditioning for over 30 years, so we decided to find out more about the people behind the business.

  1. When did Uni-Industries begin and who created the company?

Uni- Industries started in the 1980s in the family garage of Neville and Annette Taylor. For years the Taylor family ran their business from the family home and as the family grew so did the business. 

With all three sons completing apprenticeships and receiving their electrical licenses with their daughter in office administration, the business moved into a larger location and in 2009 expanded again with solar. 

Now with two locations, a Brisbane head office and a Sunshine Coast Sales Centre, run by wives, daughters, friends; Uni-Industries really is as much of an Australian owned and operated family business as you can get!

  1. Who is the team today?

Our experienced Sunshine Coast team consists of our Uni-Industries Director, Ryan Taylor; Sales Manager, Leanne Hellmich; Marketing Manager, Briony C Taylor, and Sales Team Assistant, Briony J Taylor. (Yes, there are two Briony Taylors! Briony J is the granddaughter of Annette and Neville Taylor, Briony C is Ryan Taylor’s wife.) 

  1. Do you have any funny/unusual stories from your work?

​​There are many funny stories, but probably one that stands out is sending one of our installation teams to install a solar system at a nudist colony. Let’s just say the boys had an interesting day at work…

Also, a customer thanked our sales manager for explaining the workings of his solar installation, without sounding like a “polished turd”!

  1. What do you enjoy the most about your business?

The connections, friendships, and relationships that we have made with others. The trade industry is a huge community of like-minded people. At the end of the day, we go to work to support our own families and be able to enjoy our weekends. We’ve been able to meet many, offer help, receive help and expand, due to the industry. Support local. 

  1. What are some of the challenges Uni-Industries has to work with?

The biggest challenge for Uni-Industries is the current panel shortage in the Solar Industry this month. Due to a combination of factors; power rationing within China, the rise of freight costs and short supply of raw materials, solar panel manufacturers are only producing 30% of what they would usually make. 

Uni-Industries have secured panels and are lucky to have good relationships with suppliers to work through this. 

  1. What’s been the most useful, lesson you’ve learnt since running the business?

​​Diversity. Every customer is different. Work with them. Not only does each customer have different needs and requirements, but learn to work with the changing industry. Whether that is with products, regulation changes or pricing, it pays to have an open mind and find solutions to suit the changes in the industry.

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

The Taylor Family work hard and play hard! For over 40 years the family have been heavily involved in off-road racing; competing nationally in the Off-Road Racing Championships. But mostly the team love camping, getting outdoors and enjoying the simple things in life with family and friends. 

  1. If you had to share any advice connected to your business, what would it be?

Go local, invest in your rooftop and go solar. Ask yourself the question…. If there was a way you could reduce your ongoing household costs by putting rectangular shaped panels on your empty roof and using the sun to power them, would you do it?  

Uni Industries is based at Shop 18/278 Nicklin Way, Warana, 4575. 

Phone: 07 5346 9911 / Website: uni-industries.com.au / Email: info@uni-industries.com.au

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