Did you know that clutter and disorganisation can be linked to things as serious and debilitating as depression and anxiety? Our mood and motivation are affected by our surroundings, so keeping an organised space not only looks good, it’s good for us. Your home is a reflection of your emotional well-being and keeping it clean and organised impacts every area of your life. Our relationships, health, stress levels, financial well-being and enthusiasm for life are all influenced by keeping our mess at bay. One of the few benefits of these past couple of crazy years of a global pandemic has been that a lot of people have had the time to declutter and rid themselves of mess. And they’ve been able to make more room for the things they truly want in their lives and found more happiness because of it.   

Getting organised may seem like a small thing but small things can become big things over time and taking care of our mess and decluttering promotes excellence in all areas of our life.

It’s never about perfection, it’s always about progress, and this practice can even help us achieve our dreams or goals because we’re not wasting our energy on what we need to do because we’ve already done it and are keeping it well maintained and organised.

There is a deep connection between organisation and success, and clutter and mess can block it because they make us feel out of control whereas keeping mess to a minimum increases our capacity for a successful and more joyous life. 

Once you’ve decluttered your spaces, maintenance is imperative because it’s human nature to relax and allow old habits to easily creep back again. Don’t allow the clutter to pile up, instead keep clutter and mess free, clean, organised and productive. Clutter destroys inspiration whereas organisation helps promote accomplishment. The secret to keeping your life decluttered is the continual process of it – it’s not a one-time occasion, and it’s a repeated action that ensures clarity and an abundance of goodness in your life. 

Whether you’ve been on a decluttering journey for a while or are a newbie, start by considering all areas in your life you’d like to declutter or organise. Take out everything and begin asking yourself, “Do you still want it or does it go in the giveaway or throwaway pile?” Then methodically go through all of your spaces, including the crucial information area (social media, email, technology, mobile phone, financials and so on). The entire purpose of keeping your mess under control is to keep your life clear and present and surrounded with a sense of balance, guaranteeing a more positive reality. 

Knowledge is power and this practice begins to manifest and elevate success in all areas of your life. Before you know it you’ll be moving through it with more ease and efficiency than ever before. Clear the clutter and clean up the mess and see your life improve and flourish. 

God bless.


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