It’s a sad fact that many Aussie cats are surrendered to animal shelters due to their unwanted toileting habits. From owners who don’t want to deal with stinky litter or cats that refuse to use their trays, kitty litter boxes are a hard reality of cat ownership, but one that doesn’t need to be so disgusting.

“Litter box issues are no reason at all to surrender a cat from your home,” says vet and TV presenter Dr Katrina Warren, who has teamed up with PetSafe to offer tips on making your kitty fall in love with its litter box again.

She says if your kitty is not using the litter box properly, it’s important to rule out underlying medical conditions first. If the vet gives the all-clear, the issue is likely with your cat’s happiness around the litter. 

Dr Katrina suggests problems can occur if the litter is not clean enough, if your cat doesn’t like the type of litter or litter box, if the tray is not private enough, or if your cats have to share a tray. Stress can also be an issue.

“Try to give them a calm and consistent environment,” she says.

Another problem, says Dr Katrina, is that people simply don’t want to deal with the task of cleaning litter boxes so they let their cats roam outdoors, but that can put their health at risk.

If the smell is a worry, Dr Katrina says it could be worth looking at something like PetSafe’s ScoopFree Second Generation Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

“(It is) great for eliminating odours and removes the need to clean the tray as often,” she says.

“In the right household, it could be a very practical solution if you’re worried about smell.”

Visit or at Use the code SCOOPY10 to get 10 per cent off the purchase of a ScoopFree from PetSafe.

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