Jett Kenny puts his body, mind and palate to the test on SAS Australia


Early morning beach sprints and ocean swims are serving Jett Kenny well on SAS Australia.

The Coast ironman is one of 18 Aussie celebrities facing a series of physical and psychological tests from the real SAS selection process in the reality show’s second season.

“I remember watching the actual SAS recruitment process on the Discovery Channel when I was 14 or 15, so I’ve always had a slight interest in it,” he says. 

Despite his famous surname, the 27-year-old baulks at the term celebrity and has limited his TV appearances to athletic events and charitable endeavours like Dancing with the Stars and The Real Full Monty. 

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity. When people ask what I do I say I’m a lifeguard,” he says. “I’m very fortunate I get to do all these things.”

In punishing conditions, the SAS recruits will be subjected to extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing, with no allowances or exceptions made for their celebrity status or gender.

“Training every morning and afternoon in my day-to-day life, I’m used to waking up sore and fatigued and trying to find motivation mentally to keep going,” he says.

“The physical and mental side of things weren’t as hard as I thought they were going to be. To be honest, the food was the worst part of it for me. I’m a very fussy, picky eater. There were a few things put in front of me that it was my first time eating them.”

Jett lost 8kg he “didn’t know” he had to lose, but he’s more concerned with what he gained from his SAS experience.

“I wanted to see if the wall I’d set up for myself for when things got hard in training and life in general was my actual limit or if I’d just set that where I thought it needed to be,” he says.

“I went in with a mindset of pushing myself to my absolute limit and seeing if I could move the wall forward and then taking that and applying it to my training and my life and my relationships.

“If I have the opportunity to do it again, I definitely will. You repel down the side of cliffs and what not … I got to do a lot of cool things I never would have done otherwise.”

SAS Australia airs Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus. 


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