There are a few car clubs dotted around the Sunshine Coast, and you often see them driving through the hinterland, in particular via Ricks Diner in Palmwoods, or along Montville, Mapleton and Maleny. Some are clearly dedicated to one make of car, such as a convoy of VW Beetles, others are an assortment of classic cars.

The Maroochy Vehicle Owners Club in one such group of car enthusiasts. Established in 2017, this Sunshine Coast historic car club says they provide a friendly, inclusive, social environment for anyone interested in using and preserving our motoring and machinery history.

“Our members love getting out in our old cars and enjoy socialising with likeminded people,” said Club President Gary Deane.

“We are keen to welcome new members to join us and look forward to making lifelong friendships and enjoying our common interest in old cars and machinery.

“We generally have a run on the second weekend of the month (Saturday or Sunday) and sometime during the fourth week of the month. A General Meeting is held every two months at Valdora Community Hall.” 

If you are interested in seeing some of these classic cars (such as a 1950s Citroen Light 15 Traction Avante, a 1962 Holden EK Sedan, or a 1978 Pontiac Firebird Coupe) and possibly joining the club, they have a car display coming up at Repco carpark, Howard Street, Nambour from 9am-1pm on Saturday September 18.

“It’s free entry,” said Gary, “and there is a raffle kindly donated by Repco, with the proceeds going to Lifeflight.”

To be eligible to join Maroochy Vehicle Owners Club Inc, visit one of their events listed on the website,, and introduce yourself to members. 

There are application forms available at the events, or you can send an email request to Just ask a member to propose your application and another member to second the proposal. 

“We are a small friendly group,” shared Gary, “we love cars from Veteran, Vintage and Classic eras in particular, and would like our members to participate as much as possible in our club.”

Membership Fees are $15 per person per year plus a once off $20 joining fee which covers the club’s basic expenses.  


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