By Sarah Vercoe

Gardners Falls is the kind of place you go to gaze at nature. Not the quick mental postcard kind but the lingering kind where you notice the depth of green in the trees’ leaves, the sound of water rushing over the rocks, and the feeling of serenity that washes over you if you stay long enough. 

It’s a spectacle of the best kind, one that takes you under its spell and forces you to see nature for what it is: a place to escape and appreciate a slower pace of life.

A popular waterfall with visitors to Maleny, whether or not you share Gardners Falls with the crowds is really just the luck of the draw. The thing is, even if you do luck out and find yourself in a sea of people, there are plenty of nooks and crannies to escape and create an experience all your own.  

Like a well thought out design, layers separate the forest with near vertical escarpments hiding  picnic tables in their depths and concealed paths leading to a series of freshwater swimming holes. Obi Obi Creek carves its way through the middle, luring your gaze at every opportunity with a succession of mini waterfalls too pretty not to pause at. 

A short stroll from the carpark to the main waterfalls, you’ll likely be tempted to spread your picnic blanket at one of the hidden pockets alongside the creek. Secret enclaves beckon from the other side with vines hanging from the towering tree canopy to create an eden all your own should you wish to dip your toes in the water and make the crossing.  

That’s the beauty of Gardners Falls. There’s ample opportunity to see it from a different perspective. And even if you’ve meandered the path countless times before it doesn’t mean you’re relegated to the same experience each time you visit. 

Choose the path less travelled and delve into the forest. Hike down to the lower pool and swim beneath the waterfall. Or simply while away the hours marvelling at the beauty in nature from the highest point you can find. 

Relish it, breathe it in, because although it may not be your first visit to Gardners Falls, nature has a way of serving up something new each time you pass through.

Gardners Falls are at the end of Obi Lane South in Maleny

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