The middle of the year is the perfect time to stop, look and see how we’re going towards accomplishing our goals for 2021. I know I’m well off on a few of mine so it’s time to hit the reset button and celebrate where I’ve had wins and access where I’m falling behind so I can finish this year strong. 

I love to honour this time by lighting a candle, getting my favourite hot drink and thinking about and journalling all I’d need to pursue in the next six months. Consider it a big brain dump of all the things – personal, professional, family, financial, home and so on – that you’d like to see happen. Spend some time focusing on all of these and get going again. Reflect on what, where, how, why, when and who. Write them down and be as detailed as you can be around them. But be sure they’re realistic and attainable, not too complex and unlikely or out of reach. 

A mid-year reset is all about what we can accomplish by the end of the year and creating a doable action plan towards it. If that means starting from scratch and doing an entirely new plan because your priorities have changed in these past six months then do it. The next half of the year is far too important to not get real about our plans and purpose, and to waste it doing nothing towards them. Whenever I do this I often find that some goals lose their value and drop off while others gain value and importance. Don’t forget we’ve had the first half of the year where life has happened and it could have changed how we look at things. And that’s OK, just adjust, refocus and redefine your goals and begin again.  

One of the most powerful things we can do is to look at where we spend our extra time. Is it watching TV, digital overload or being undisciplined, lazy or procrastinating? Consider unfollowing, unsubscribing, and limiting checking your emails, social media and talking on the phone as all of these save us a lot of time. Another helpful idea is to clear out any unwanted or unnecessary items or ideas that keep you from moving towards your plans. Think of it as a deep declutter of anything that doesn’t serve your desires. This keeps us focused on our goals and not pointless considerations. 

When we spend time on our brain dump, getting rid of unnecessary things, creating our plan of action and getting more disciplined, we’ll arrive at the end of the year much more fulfilled and happy that we didn’t just coast through until 2022. Now is the perfect time to re-energise our plans and our mid-year reset. And if you’re like me there are many goals you still want to accomplish this year but without making some adjustments they will remain unachieved. I’m determined to make them happen, how about you? We’ve got this!

God bless, Kerrie 


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