Discover a plethora of natural beauty at Booloumba Creek, no matter the season. 

Booloumba Creek is like a buffet for nature enthusiasts. Nestled in Conondale National Park, it’s the kind of place you can’t help but think nature’s gotten a little carried away. 

The name is somewhat deceptive; this bountiful section of the park is more than just a creek. In essence it’s a gateway to nature’s highlight reel with a slew of dazzling landscapes beckoning to nature-hungry wayfarers.

Come for the day or sleep beneath the stars at one of three campgrounds; whether you’re here for two hours or two days, there’s plenty to enthral. 

Most day-trippers come to Booloumba Creek in the warmer months in search of a reprieve from the heat with a dip at one of many stunning sapphire-blue water holes. I’ve come at the other end of seasons’ spectrum, but the scene is so perfect I can’t help but be lured in. 

Pausing at Booloumba Creek 3 camping area, I traipse down to the creek. Gin-like water reveals a kaleidoscope of colours. Pebbles of all shapes, sizes, and colours litter the creek bed trailing to a succession of blues that ends with a deep, indigo pool ensconced in rainforest. 

While it’s far from a polar plunge the water is somewhat fresh; let’s be honest, winter on the Sunshine Coast is hardly an arctic affair. 

Numb limbs aside, there’s something about plunging into ice-cold water that makes you feel alive. But only in brief intervals. After all, the surrounding rainforest is enough to tempt visitors to delve a little deeper. 

A short stroll from the creek, a hiking trail into the forest caters to that whim. Leading through ancient rainforest the track trails to an array of offerings. 

An art-inspiring waterfall if ever there was one, the Artists Cascades rush over a mass of boulders into a deep waterhole. Birds flit through the trees, their sing-song chirps making for a serene setting to while away the hours. 

For the more adventurous hiker, forge on and take on the colossal Conondale Great Walk. Making its way through varying flora, the 56km trail explores tall open forest and lush rainforest, offering up expansive views along the way. A four-day jaunt, the walk is a truly immersive experience in nature. 

A hike to the intriguing Strangler Cairn is somewhere in between; a relatively easy 6.5km amble that leads to an ever-changing work of art constructed in a remote part of Conondale National Park. 

Towering around four metres high, the work is akin to a giant egg, albeit a thought-provoking one. Made by renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy, and constructed from a selection of chiselled rocks with a Strangler Fig sapling at its peak, the artwork is designed to shift and change over time. 

Whichever path you choose, Booloumba Creek is sure to fill the nature-hungry void. 

Getting there:

Access from Booloumba Creek Road via Eumundi–Kenilworth Road. High clearance 4WD vehicle is needed to access Booloumba Creek by car, with three river crossings. You can also park at the entrance before the first creek crossing and hike in.  

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