The Rotary Club of Buderim, which has been working for the local community for the past 27 years, urgently needs help to find space where it can store its goods.

In a few weeks the club will lose its storage facility and urgently needs a small piece of land, shed or part of a warehouse where it can keep items such as its barbecue trailer.

“We are used to people coming to us for help, not the other way around, but we have every confidence in the generosity of our local community,” says Buderim Rotary member Cathy McKenzie.

The club is well respected in the community for its organisation of the Buderim Australia Day event, as well as its involvement with the yearly Street Party, Carols in the Park, Walk for Mental Health, Pride of Workmanship Award and, this year, the inaugural Book and Puzzle Sale.  

For many years a generous Buderim local has allowed the club to store its goods in its own shed on his large block of land where the Buderim Men’s Shed was located.  The Men’s Shed has since relocated and the land has been sold, meaning the club needs to relocate its goods.

“We are hoping that someone in our community might have some spare land big enough for us to erect our 3m x 5m shed, or a vacant shed or garage they don’t use,” Cathy says.  

If can help phone Rick Beasley on 0429 627 101 or visit the club’s website or Facebook page.

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