It isn’t every day you receive a handwritten letter of support from Sir David Attenborough! Yet it happened to two Sunshine Coast environmentalists, Jim Bird and Helen Moffitt, after sending him a copy of their environmental activity book. 

“We were frustrated by the ineffectual response from our government to take appropriate action on climate change,” explained Jim, “so we created a free environmental activity book, each one including a message to the prime minister.

“Our prime minister states he receives many letters from children in Australia concerned about their future, and that he ‘deeply respects their concerns, welcomes their passion and seeks to respond positively and encourage them’.” 

For young people not yet of voting age, this was an opportunity and so they created 10,000 activity books, each carrying a postcard which can be sent to Scott Morrison asking him to build their future on renewable energies, not on fossil fuels.

“We have produced the books using our own funds,” said Helen, “and it is hoped that many postcards will reach the prime minister – alerting him not only to the voices of our youth, but also that public opinion holds similar passionate sentiment. 

“Time is running out.” 

Jim and Helen believe that young people may succeed where the adults are failing. 

The activity books are available FREE at Montville Market, Saturday July 10 – also from Montville newsXpress.

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council supports this initiative (non-financial). If you wish to help, donations are welcome through their website:

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